A Cog in whose machine?

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When I was eighteen years old, God spoke to me, clearly, about what He wanted me to do with my life…go study law. He even told me where to study it; and when my studies were over, He provided a job for me. He has been an integral part of my career since before it was mine to have.

Being a daughter of the King in the corporate workplace can be a breeze. I’ve prayed over files open on my desk. I’ve seen God’s hand in so many of my matters. He is a reliable counsellor. Knowing that He loves me and loves my clients with the same unquantifiable amount is a sure-fire way to ensure I do right by them.

However, in this field, you will be surrounded by an ocean of power- and money-hungry people. Knowing who God is, and who that makes me, is the only way to avoid being swept away in the tide of greed.

I need to hear His voice regularly on workplace issues (such as ethics/finances/etc). I need to remind myself that God is never going to put me in a position where I have to disregard my morals and values to fulfil His will. When I’m being asked to do so, I need to ask myself whether there is a better way to get the same outcome or if this is something I need to walk away from.

This career isn’t for me to glorify my employer. I’m not here for the money and power. I’m a part of the body of Christ.


Written by: Lauren Simpson.

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