Higher Ground 

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Reflections from the Leaders’ Weekend

Sometimes we need to take a moment to press pause, get some perspective, and come up to Higher Ground, where the world fades away and the sounds of Heaven become clear. We can become so easily distracted by the things that flood our lives and forget that we are sons and daughters of a living God, who has a plan and purpose for each one of us. How easily we settle for less, when we are designed for so much more! In this season, God is asking us to come away with himsurrender our hearts, and allow Him to fill us with His Spirit, so we can live boldly for Him.

We have been blessed with a wonderfully rich history – full of the goodness of God, who has been with us so powerfully – but we have an even more wonderful future ahead of us. We want to be a family of believers, who bring the Kingdom of God wherever we go. It is a new and fresh season of pioneering and trusting God with our future.

God is calling us to have courageous faith; He wants us to be a people who have our eyes fixed on Jesus, our ears tuned to His voice, and our feet ready to go where He sends us. May we step out on the waters together to see His Kingdom come in our communities, our City and the Nations of the earth.

Author: Kathy Meneses

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