Jesus heals at Wimpy!

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Four passionate young guys from Glenridge were recently on a trip up to Joburg to watch Dave Matthews Band in concert, and on their way back to Durban, God used them to heal people inside Wimpy of all places! Their story goes like this: “On the way back to Durban after our time in Joburg, we stopped off at Wimpy to get some food. As Josh and I (Mike Van Niekerk) were ordering, the lady behind the counter complained of a very sore shoulder which she said she couldn’t move much at all. So we prayed for her and she was instantly healed (both her and the other lady working there were both also filled with joy).

Straight after the miracle, a lady approached us who seemed to have been watching us with her family the entire time. Her first words were: “So are you guys Mormons?” Very quickly we explained that we were simple, born-again Christians. She promptly then asked us to pray for her little sons leg. We prayed, he was healed and they went on their way with joy. We then both got our food and I was blessed with a free coke by the wimpy lady for healing her shoulder. Stoked!” Isn’t this incredible!? Be encouraged because God wants to use YOU to administer his healing wherever you go, even in places that you may not be expecting. With our God, NOTHING is impossible and there is nowhere and no one that he cannot heal.

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