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Meet our next speaker, Heather Phipps. Heather and her husband, Stan, lead the team at Glenridge.
Heather is secretly a superwoman… She is a wife and working mom of three. She is friendly, adds life wherever she goes, and is always up for an adventure. 
We love Heather’s love and compassion for people and the way she lives life. We are super excited to hear her speak at our upcoming Women’s event.


Tell us a bit about yourself…

Twenty-three years ago, I married my high school sweetheart and matric dance partner. We have three gorgeous children – Matthew (18), Natalie (16), and our laat lammetjie, Cameron (9), who is the self-professed favourite in the family.


Favourite food?

Prawns and sushi


One thing we wouldn’t know about you?

 I am a Top Gear car fanatic! On a trip back from America, I once watched the series for nine hours straight. It would have been my dream go on a live set with the old crew. I got close when we saw them live in Durban.


Favourite thing to do on a Saturday?

I love to wake up late, have no set agenda and see what happens during the day…maybe catch a movie (it’s our favourite thing to do).



 I love being creative – decorating my home, doing crafts, etc. I also love reading – mainly fiction – but I have been influenced by my husband and have gotten into non-fiction as well.


What makes you come alive?

  • being with people
  • hearing my husband’s laugh
  • making sure people know and walk into the significant life that’s theirs


Are we allowed to know what you’re speaking on at the ladies event?

I have been feeling a season of “name change” over our lives as women…come and find out more. The rest is a surprise! 


What’s your favourite story in the bible and why?

My favourite story is the story of Esther, a young woman, who, out of great sacrifice and obedience, put her dreams aside and obeyed…all for the sake of others. It is inspiring stuff and a legacy I would like to leave one day.


Join us this Saturday, 1 July at 8:30am at the Station, for an unforgettable morning. Click here for more details.


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