Meet Helen.

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Meet Helen…One of our speakers at our upcoming Ladies’ event, “By Design.”

Helen has been in our congregation for 3 and a bit years, and we love her to bits! She is passionate, determined, kind, loving, and friendly. We recently sat down with her to ask a few questions in order to get to know her better. So grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and meet Helen:

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m married to Christiaan – the English girl and the Afrikaans boy. We met and got married in under a year, and next month we will celebrate our eleventh anniversary.

We have three children: Reuben 7, Joshua 5, and Esther 11 months, plus Isabelle, our second child, who went straight to be with Jesus. (Reuben will tell me off if I don’t mention her!)

I studied English and Performing Arts at university and am a qualified high school teacher. Now,  I do adult corporate training, life coaching and counselling.

What is your favourite food?

Honestly…probably pizza! But the good kind! It has to be a thin, stone-baked base.

What is one thing we wouldn’t know about you?

I’ve always wanted to be in the Royal Shakespeare Company! I love Shakespeare!

What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday?

I love spending the day with my family – staying in pjs, swimming, braaing, doing whatever we feel like on our family day.


I love to read. I’ve always enjoyed horse riding. I have a love/hate relationship with exercising – I hate the thought of it, but love doing it! I love ‘real’ friendship and spending quality time with my friends.

What makes you come alive?

Being in a counselling or coaching session (or an unofficial session with my kids – usually on the drive to or from school) and seeing people have “light bulb moments,” particularly in their understanding of Father God.

Are we allowed to know what you’re speaking on at the ladies’ event?

I’m speaking on understanding and valuing who you are in relation to our Heavenly Father.

What’s your favourite story in the bible and why?

One summer, in my teen years, I read through the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. I love the story of how God told David he should call Solomon – Jedidah, which means “loved by God.” I remember being blown away by the fact that God would so clearly speak out and say I love that person so much, it must be in their name. I’ve always felt that a name is very personal to who you are, so this just stands out as being incredibly beautiful to me. For each of our children, we prayed during the pregnancy as to WHO that person will be. For each of them, we felt God give us names that are linked to characteristics or giftings they would each carry.

Join us at our Ladies’ event – “By Design” – next Saturday, 1 July @TheStation. Click here for more details.


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